Big Questions
Big Questions
Small Questions
Love Questions
If there was a San Francisco sized city on Mars would you consider moving there? Why?
Would you genetically enhance your children? What if they would be held back in school/life?
Transfer you consciousness to a younger body? Child? 25 year old? Stay an age forever?
If your consciousness was transferred to you as a 2 year old about to relive your entire life. What would you do differently?
We have the power to eradicate all mosquitoes on the planet. Should we?
You are 89 years old and very sick. You have the chance to enter a virtual reality space and stay there forever even after your body dies. What would your world look like? What if you could go at age 35? 18?
You have 24hrs to write yourself a letter. At the end of that 24hrs your personal memory and character will be erased. You'll still be able to read, speak, and move. What would you put in your letter?
What big scientific or historical mystery would you solve for humanity and why?
Sam Harris
We can give birth to a neanderthal. Should we bring one back?
Sam Harris
If you knew you were going to live 300 years how would that change your career plans? Your family plans?
If you could share your consciousness across two bodies what would your 2nd body be? Male/Female? Another animal?
1000 year multi-generation journey through space to another habitable planet. Would you go? What would it be like to be the middle generation
What role will gender play in a future society where manipulating human anatomy or creating hyper realistic virtual worlds are trivial?
You are the head of a new government program with a $100 million dollar yearly budget and the task of improving the lives of Americans. What would you do?
If you could have a gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it what would it say and why?
Tim Ferriss
What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”? What advice should they ignore?
Tim Ferriss